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The Canopy Team is made up of e-commerce pioneers who have been marketing products online since 1997  --  When the internet was still called the World Wide Web.  As the internet grew and matured, our online marketing skillset grew with it. 

As the 2000's came to a close, the e-commerce landscape had changed dramatically.  We recognized the impact that was having on manufacturers' brands,  and in 2014 developed the Canopy Method. Our system has helped manufacturers and their wholesale customers stay vibrant and competitive while, at the same time, taking full advantage of the Amazon sales channel. 

In addition to our decades of e-commerce experience,  we've worked in tandem with scores of manufacturers and their brands, guiding them in product development, marketing and distribution. We understand fully that Amazon is just one component of a flourishing brand's business. Our holistic approach assures that your valued wholesale customers are protected, even as your Amazon presence soars. 

Our clients have experienced remarkable successes working with us, and we hope that you'll reach out to discuss how Canopy can help your company, too.

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